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Being the best version of yourselves – as a business – is the only way to thrive. 

Showing your target market your organisation’s benefits, strengths and USPs is vital to survival.

In the digital age you need to “cut through the white noise” to get your messages across. Your brand needs to be made clear, in a quick and memorable way, to attract leads and convert them to sales.

That’s the sort of measurably effective impact that your business can enjoy, working with

AD Advertising and Design.

“A journey of a thousand miles 

begins with a single step”

How AD Advertising and Design helps you to stand out

We look beyond your business' facade. The work we do to position and promote your company visually, is about reputation building, which is a far more valuable and long term commodity.

Our insights come not just from over three decades of graphic design, advertising and digital marketing experience. We also invest our time in studying current and future consumer and business trends and behaviours too. 

Our success in meeting the business objectives of our clients also comes from something even more important. We listen to them.

AD Advertising and Design creates artwork that doesn't "just" look amazing. It also serves tangible business purposes. Our digital marketing and advertising campaigns are designed around your budget, and maximised to provide the best possible return on your investment.

The time we spend getting you know your organisation, business aims and marketplace are what sets us apart. Along with the creativity – and business acumen – we use to help you to grow your business profitable.

The visual nature of modern communications and marketing can’t be underestimated. 4.68 billion people now have mobiles across the globe. Technology (especially social media) is used to research, share and review products and services like yours.

Are you making enough of an impact?

One study found that the right image can make your website far more compelling, attracting around 94% more leads than dull digital profiles.


Then, having your website’s visual content – and printed materials - right, boosts lead conversion considerably.

Making sure you are the “best version of yourself” as a business demands an advertising and design consultancy that understands you, and is ambitious on your behalf.

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When we launched a new company, I reviewed the ads and marketing materials and asked those presenting the campaign to read everything aloud to test the phrasing and concept. If I could grasp it quickly, then it passed with muster. We would get our message across only if it was understandable at first glance.

Richard Branson 

Great design and marketing is about reaching your goals, and providing something you hadn’t anticipated. 

Call us today to discuss ways we can build your business using visual impact.

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